1. Resources

The overall objective of your resume is to provide a composite snapshot of who are and what skills, abilities and knowledge you have acquired through coursework, projects, self taught initiatives, service- learning, student organizations, volunteer work and employment. The emphasis lies on what you have to offer rather than a chronological timeline.

  1. Maximum length is one page; use half inch margins and 11 or 12 font size; do not place or refer to references at this time
  2. Use descriptive action verbs – Resume Verbs, adjectives, numbers and buzz words particular to your major to portray professionalism and clarity
  3. Check for spelling, grammar, punctuation and correct verb tense
  4. Minimize lines, graphics or other distracting visuals

Review a resume example for your major, one similar to your major, or a topical resume to gain insight on how to incorporate experiences and knowledge.

Resume Examples

  1. Accounting & Finance – Entry Level
  2. Accounting
  3. Advertising or Public Relations
  4. Biomedical Sciences
  5. Computer Science & Information Technology
  6. Computer Science1
  7. Computer Science2
  8. Digital Media
  9. Economics
  10. Education, Lifelong Learning with Experience
  11. Education-Lifelong Learning
  12. Engineering Junior
  13. Engineering Senior
  14. Engineering With Internship
  15. English
  16. Finance – Entry Level
  17. Finance
  18. Graphic Design
  19. Human Communications
  20. Journalism
  21. Marketing Sales resume
  22. Political Science
  23. Psychology 1
  24. Psychology 2-Behavioral Forensics
  25. Radio TV
  26. Sciences
  27. Social Media
  28. Social Work