For designation as a service-learning course, the following procedure must be followed. Submission of the following to the Service-Learning Coordination Office:

  1. One paragraph summary of how the service-
    learning activities in this course will meet course objectives
    and community needs.
  2. Statement indicating willingness to provide evaluative data as required by the S-L office at the completion
    of the course.

      Course syllabus or course materials:

    1. Achievement of the seven
      criteria noted below
    2. Explanation of the types of S-L experiences that
      will be used to meet course objectives.
    3. Objection statement, e.g., If any student has a valid objection to a proposed service-learning project or placement, he or she must let me know during the first week of class or before the drop/add deadline so we can discuss options.
    4. If all students engage in the same activity, indicate in the summary paragraph how this is unlikely to cause an objection and how any objection will be handled.
    5. Optional service-learning template statement must be revised appropriately for each discipline. Inserting this statement into the syllabus does not automatically create an approved service-learning course; supporting material should appear in the syllabus. S-L Course Approval Form 9-27-12.
    6. How students will make contact with the community agencies
    7. A description of the reflection component of the experience.
    8. Statement indicating that the grade will be given for achievement of course objectives through the S-L activity, not just for completing a set number of hours work with the community partner. After certification is approved by a committee appointed by the Service-Learning Program Director, the course/course section will be eligible to have an S-L designation on the schedule of classes.


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