Employer Semester Evaluation of Student Experience

The UCF Experiential Learning (EL) relies on feedback from field supervisors on how students perform in their internship/co-op experiences each academic semesters. EL utilized Handshake system to gather feedback through an electronic survey that is sent each semester. This is an example of the questions that are contained in the survey: Employer Evaluation Survey Example

Employer Support Services (regular and enhanced)

Service-Learning Partners

UCF defines service-learning as “a teaching method that uses community involvement to apply theories or skills being taught in a course. Service-learning furthers the learning objectives of the academic course, addresses community needs, and requires students to reflect on their activity in order to gain an appreciation for the relationship between civics and academics.”
Service-learning is part of the UCF initiative to provide a means for every student to enhance their academic program with experiential learning opportunities. As a teaching method, service-learning enables students to take academics out of the classroom and into the community in an effort to promote civic engagement. By working with community partners such as non-profit organizations, public schools, government agencies, campus groups, or businesses with specifically philanthropic missions, students develop skills and and knowledge that will help them to become civically responsible members of the community.

Service-learning is a reciprocal process that involves faculty, students, and the community. Faculty members reinvigorate teaching by engaging students in academic and social concerns. Students connect theory to practice and foster civic responsibility by developing a relationship with like-minded community partners. The community receives an infusion of people power and access to university resources enabling them to explore new ideas and generate energy in community agencies.

Preferred Employer Partnership

The UCF Office of Experiential Learning (OEL) offers employers an opportunity to be the Preferred Employer Partner by engaging through various Sponsorship opportunities ranging from having a logo on UCF OEL website, sponsoring a student scholarship or simply providing merchandize to give away to students. Please see the attachment for more details and contact us for more information.

Preferred Employer Partnership

Community Partner Service-Learning Resources

Service-Learning Courses as of 5/3/18
SL Community Partner Profile Form
Service-Learning Hours Tally Sheet
Service-Learning Certificate Criteria

Service-Learning Student Showcase

Service-Learning Course Approval Template Statement
Sample of SL Outcomes
Safety Manual for Service Learning
SL on the job conduct
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