Gold Seal Co-op Program

Introducing Experiential Learning’s Gold Seal Co-op Program

Experiential Learning began as the co-op office and has one of the largest and well-respected co-op programs in the United States. While we continue to help students and employers connect for more single-semester internships, we are invested to maintaining excellence in our Accreditation Council for Co-op and Internship (ACCI) accredited Co-Op program. To this end we have created the Gold Seal Co-op Program to provide tailored support to employers seeking to employ students for in-depth work experience while supporting student progress towards academic goals.

Benefits for Employers

  • Strategic promotion of your opportunity to specific majors, student clubs and organizations and key contacts such as advisors and career coaches who could help drive applications.
  • Select from a pool of candidates committed to the co-op model.
  • Retain students for multiple semesters and develop your future workforce while they learn.
  • Dedicated EL team-member to assist with position posting for all positions.
  • Direct connection to co-op students meeting the specific criteria for you position. Each time you post a new co-op position, all candidates meeting your criteria will be notified.
  • Tailored review of candidates to support a streamlined hiring process. The pool of co-op applicants have been pre-qualified by GPA, resume review and introductory workshop on co-op requirements and expectations.
  • Students in the program will have their official university GPA viewable to the employers through Handshake.

Employer Requirements

  • An active Handshake account.
  • Have at least one co-op position open to UCF students or have one UCF student employed at all times.
  • Engage with EL and your co-op student(s) in all of the academic elements of co-ops:
    • Setting of learning goals and outcomes.
    • Regular communication about progress (per semester).
    • Complete EL-approved evaluations (per semester) and discuss progress with co-op students.

Co-op Position Requirements

  • Co-op positions must be paid with payment of wages (1099 forms do not qualify) and any benefits guided by applicable statutes.
  • Co-ops may be:
    • Parallel – part-time each semester for two or more semesters.
    • Alternating – full-time each semester with alternate semesters for coursework.
  • When co-ops are filled, hired students must be reported through “Mark as hired” option within the posted position on Handshake.
  • When co-ops are filled, they must be tied to a registered academic experience*:
    • Through Experiential Learning


  • Through the students’ academic program when appropriate.
    • *Note: registered academic experience means that students must be registered for a UCF co-op course (0, 1, 2+ credits) or experiential course while working in the position. Any registered course may incur tuition and fees if applicable.

Co-op Program Considerations

  • Previous EL services and support have now shifted to the EL Gold Seal Co-op Program model.
  • Only students who have applied and have been approved to be in the EL Gold Seal Co-op will be able to apply for your positions.