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Course Description

The statements below explain both the contents of this course and your responsibilities as a UCF co-op student.

Goals of the Course

The co-op course provides a means for students to achieve academic, professional and personal outcomes as follows: Academic - integrate classroom theory with workplace practice and clarify academic goals; Professional - clarify career goals, understand workplace culture, gain workplace competencies, benefit from professional networking, and have better access to after-graduation employment opportunities; Personal - determine strengths and weaknesses, develop and enhance interpersonal skills, and obtain earnings to support college expenses.

Co-op Grades
Academic Credit

It is possible to earn academic credit hours for information you learn on a co-op assignment if the credit will count toward your degree program. The cost for co-op credit is the same as credit for any other credit course at UCF. To be registered for credit you must have the approval of your co-op coordinator prior to going on assignment. Students taking co-op for credit will be given additional assignments based on the number of credit hours earned, such as journals and special projects, in additional to the basic requirements listed below. These requirements are agreed upon at the beginning of the term and must be completed by the end of the term to receive a satisfactory grade. Course Components on the Web

Course Components on the Web

During the term, your coordinator may communicate with you by email as well as by letter, fax or phone. The syllabus for the co-op course is available both in hardcopy and on the web so you can complete the course assignments in whichever format you prefer. The web assignment forms are interactive and can be accessed through the co-op web page. Also, the co-op web course includes a forum in which you can interact with your co-op coordinator and other co-op students in your major about questions, issues and problems you encounter during your work term. Ask your coordinator for more information about how the web components will be used during your co-op assignment.