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Students in the Experiential Learning (EL) program who begin positions are REQUIRED to complete the following assignments. All students will complete all assignments via WebCourses. You must see your EL faculty member to begin your requirements.

Prior to beginning the position:

Please complete the online orientation: "Making the Most of Your Co-op or Internship" (on Webcourses). Students will identify the stages of development in internship or co-op experiences and will learn about ways to maximize the benefits of these learning opportunities. If you are a first time co-op or intern it is mandatory that you review this orientation prior to visiting with your faculty coordinator.

Assignment 1: First week of classes

Attendance Verification Activity - Form & Quiz

This assignment is a university requirement for the attendance policy and must be completed by Friday in the first week of classes. Student safety is very important and a new EL environment requires students to be conscious of their surroundings. This form allows student to consider their work environment and take action if necessary.

Assignment 2: Second week of classes or first week of your internship/co-op

Information & Learning Objectives - Form & Quiz

The Position Information and Learning Objectives assignment provides us with valuable information about your position and confirms contact information for you and your supervisor. Further, the process of creating learning objectives offers you the opportunity to reinforce classroom learning by focusing your energy on particular skills, information, and applications you intend to learn while you work. It also gives you a chance to sit down with your supervisor and assure that you will spend your time productively during the term. Click here for SMART Learning Objectives.

Assignment 3: Before the end of the semester (please see due dates on Webcourses)

Student Evaluation - Form & Quiz

This evaluation is an opportunity for you to evaluate your own progress in developing knowledge and skills from your experience and to evaluate the EL program, your experience, your EL faculty member, and the work site. It is important that you make every effort to be as realistic as possible when completing the evaluation form. It allows the tracking of your growth as you move forward in progressively responsible assignments. The purpose of these evaluations is to help us better serve you and other UCF students.

Assignment 4: Before the end of the semester

Employer Evaluation

The employer evaluation link should be given to your supervisor to complete at the end of each semester. It is expected that you will have the opportunity to discuss your evaluation with your supervisor to allow you to receive constructive feedback on your work performance. It is necessary to receive a satisfactory evaluation to receive a satisfactory grade for the term.

Assignment 5: Before the end of the semester

Semester Report

Co-op and intern students on either parallel or alternating assignments must write a semester report which describes, assesses, and reflects on their work experience each semester they work. For example, a parallel student working four consecutive semesters writes four reports; an alternating student writes one for each semester worked. Since different questions are asked and learning objectives change each term, the emphasis of the semester report will change with each successive report. The semester report should be grammatically correct, typed, and submitted online to your coordinator two weeks before the end of classes. The learning experience you describe in your report and your future plans will be discussed at the debriefing interview (optional).

Debriefing Interview (Optional)

Debriefing interviews occur during the last two weeks of classes and finals week. This interview is the time when your semester report and evaluations are discussed and gives you a chance to review your experience and future plans with your EL faculty member. If it is impossible for you to complete your debriefing during the assigned time, other arrangements must be agreed upon before the debriefing period begins. Alternating co-op students may come in for their debriefing interview during the first three weeks of the following semester.

Assignment 6: Before the end of the semester

Research/Portfolio Project

Students who are receiving credit for their experience will be required to complete either a research project or portfolio related to major.