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Questions And Answers

What are the students' eligibility requirements for experiential learning?

Be a full time degree seeking undergraduate or graduate student at UCF. Completed 20 semester hours at any higher education institution. Minimum GPA of 2.5. Able to commit to working multiple terms for co-op or one full semester for an internship.

How does experiential learning differ from part-time or summer work?

It is related to a students major or career goals. Students commit to working multiple terms for co-op or one complete semester for an internship. Positions are for credit, paid, or both. Students have a faculty advisor at UCF.

Is the company obligated to offer permanent employment after graduation?

No. There is no obligation on the part of the company to make a permanent offer, nor is the student obligated to remain with the company after graduation. However, many employers utilize experiential learning as a way to pre-screen employees.

Do the students have to start work at the beginning of the semester?

No. A company may request a student at any time during the year for co-op but an internship normally starts and ends with the dates of academic semesters.

What's the pay scale for students participating in a co-op or internship?

The experiential learning program does not have specific requirements for salaries and relies on the employer to determine wages for co-op positions. This is also the discretion of an employer who chooses to pay an intern. Assistance with average student salary data is available from our office.

Do students have to receive benefits?

Again, this varies from company to company. However, the company does not have to provide benefits.

Is a company obligated to keep a student if their performance is not satisfactory?

The student should be counseled and the coordinator informed. If the problem cannot be resolved, the student may be discharged from the position for any non-discriminatory reason at any time during the school year.