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Internships/Co-op Partners

The Office of Experiential Learning reflects the University of Central Florida‘s commitment to workforce development and to forging partnerships with the business community. Two programs under the Experiential Learning umbrella include Cooperative Education and Internships:

  1. Cooperative Education (Co-op) - Co-op is an academic program in which students work for multiple semesters in a position related to their major field of study for a competitive salary.
  2. Internship - an opportunity to work for one semester in a position related to their major field of study
Top six Benefits for Employers
  1. Attract student talents from the second largest university in the US
  2. Provided motivated, enthusiastic, and talented interns
  3. Program pre - screening candidates reduced company time spent in selections of interns
  4. Assisted in addressing company workforce needs
  5. Brought new ideas and viewpoints to the workplace
  6. Reduced the cost of recruiting and hiring entry level professionals